Gotta Games is ready to Shine!

Finally finally finally this is the time, after that long and tiring process finally this website is ready, yeay! Even though this isn’t that good yet but we’re proud of our hard work and finally we have our own website. We know there’s an adventurous journey is still waiting for us, we wish we had tons of great weapon and powerful spell that could turn everything into magic.

Have our laptop on even on Sunday, can’t tell the difference between breakfast and dinner, sleep with eyes keeps open, just coffee… coffee everywhere. But that doesn’t make us less of human, we still are, we just trying so hard to break the fairy tales and make it come true. That’s what we do. Chasing joy, put it in a cage and spread them in our games.

But don’t ever think that every day is a good day, sometimes we’re run out of mana and need to recharge it. Little walk in the park in the afternoon, or a good cup of coffee with the sound of pouring rain will help. And since we’ve got this website ready, it feels like our secret power has been awakened. We’re ready to hunt more fun and pour them to our games. It would be our pleasure if you mind to take a look at our games :D